SGY Logix offers Dry Freight services shipping across Canada,
The United States, and Mexico.

Types of loads


LTL SGY Logix offers Less Than Truckload shipping across Canada, The United States, and Mexico solutions. LTL is generally the most affordable way to ship one to six pallets. LTL or consolidated freight combines freight from different shippers heading towards the same general direction, some LTL routing requires several cross-dock transfers at strategic routing point. We use cross-dock HUBS in major Canadian, Us, and Mexico cities to offer the quickest and most effective service to our customers.

Partial Load

Our partial freight solutions are perfect for when you need to move freight faster than with regular LTL transit times. Partial freight is also the best option for when more than 12 linear feet and up to 30 feet are needed and up to.


We offer coverage for dedicated service across all Canada, United States and Mexico. No matter the origin and destination, full truck load is the most reliable and time efficient way of transport over the road. Our reliable domestic and cross-border solutions in dedicated service are offered in all types of equipment such as dry van, reefer trailer, flatbed / step deck. Full truckload service is the best option when shipment consists of 10 or more pallets or 15,000 pounds or more. FTL option will dedicate a truck to the single load going directly from the shipper to the consignee with no other pickups or deliveries.

Our established routes


SGY Logix has over 15 years
combined experience

developing partial routing for most common shippng lanes across north-America such as:

Toronto,ON to Laredo,Tx | Montreal,QC to Laredo,TX | Calgary,QC and Edmonton,AB to Laredo,TX | Chicago ,IL to Laredo,TX | Los Angeles,CA to Laredo,TX | North and south Carolina to Laredo,TX | Canadian Matirime provinces to the United States | Montreal - Toronto - Montreal | Montreal /Toronto to Canadian Prairies

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